91800 : Rear Hook Loop for Urbino® Stock for Remington® Semi-auto 1100™, 11-87™ 12Ga


The Urbino Tactical stock features a Benelli-style rear sling plate for installation of two-point slings. The installation of this component is entirely optional. Unlike the Benelli version, the Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical stock sling plate accepts US military standard 1¼ inch sling webbing.

The Urbino Tactical stocks include stamped steel sling plates that mimic the factory Benelli rear sling plates. We have produced replacement stampings that feature a circular hook loop instead of the sling loop for use with increasingly popular H&K style (dog leash) sling hooks. These hook loops are stamped steel with a tough mil-spec manganese phosphate finish.

The Urbino rear sling plate is similar to the Benelli factory sling plate. This is simply a stamped steel piece that fits over the end of the recoil spring tube on the inside of the stock, and projects out each side of the stock in dual recesses that can accommodate sling webbing. The Benelli sling plate is for 1" webbing, which is too small for the US military standard of 1¼" webbing.

The Urbino stock's rear sling plate differs from the Benelli in that it will accommodate 1¼" webbing, and it will not be secured by a nut or a screw at the end of the recoil spring tube. Instead, the sling plate will be moved forward (necessary given the shorter LoP of the Urbino stock) and the central hole in the sling plate made larger to accept the recoil spring tube (not just the threaded stud). If the sling plate is fitted in its slots in the stock before the assembly is slipped over the recoil spring tube, it will be effectively secured in place. No screw or nut will be necessary to hold it, though it might rattle a bit.

The sling plate floats freely in its slot, so it may rattle a little during use. Noise can be mitigated by, for example, applying masking tape to the recoil spring tube or bolt that retains the sling plate, or the sling plate can be left off entirely. Once webbing is installed, there will be little or no noise.

With semi-auto shotguns, plus the Benelli SuperNova, the sling plate will be retained by the recoil spring tube; with the Remington 870, it will be retained by the long bolt that secures the stock to the receiver. This is why the Remington version of the Urbino Tactical stock comes with two sling plates with different sized center holes.

NOTE: Though this sling plate is similar to those found on Benelli shotguns, the Mesa Tactical Stock Mount SureShell Carriers for Benelli (SKUs 91830 and 91840), that normally replace these Benelli sling plates, are not compatible with the Urbino Tactical stock. The method for securing the sling plate is entirely different on the two platforms.

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Sling Parts Sling Attachment
Compatibility Remington® Model 11-87™, Remington® Model 1100™
Attachment N / A
Sling Attachments N / A
Color Black
Note H&K Hook sling style
Manufacturer Number 91800
UPC 878405002536
SKU 114242
Brand Mesa Tactical™
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