1022-6C-16 : SILVER RUGER 1022 Trigger/Guard, Silver Ruger 10/22 SILVER Shoe


This Timney trigger undoubtedly sets the standard for aftermarket trigger upgrades for the Ruger®1022®.

Featuring a one piece action of CNC machined 6061-T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum the new Timney Trigger for the Ruger® 1022® is a complete action replacement.

The trigger, sear, and hammer are wire EDM cut and heat treated steel for exceptional durability. Push out the two action pins and "drop in" the new Timney complete trigger assembly.

The Timney Trigger features a Timney designed extended magazine release that can be operated by one finger for exceptional ease and accessibility.

It also comes standard with an auto bolt release. As with all the Timney Triggers made in the U.S.A. each complete action replacement is hand assembled, calibrated and tested for a lifetime of reliable service.

The trigger is set at 2 3/4 pounds from the factory, with no creep.

  • Housting Color: Silver
  • Trigger Shoe: Silver 
Plus d’information
Trigger Parts Ensemble de détente
Compatibilité Ruger® 10/22
Trigger Type Un pallier
Code du Manufacturier 1022-6C-16
UPC 081950102334
SKU 148215
Marque Timney Triggers
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