452L : CZ TRIGGERS, CZ 452L (fits.17M2 & .22LR)


Adjustable, Featherweight-style, single-stage, replacement triggers for popular bolt action rifles deliver clean, crisp trigger pulls that help improve accuracy. Precision machined and hardened internal parts for maximum reliability. Adjustable for weight of pull (1-1/2-4 lb.), creep and overtravel. Lock nuts hold settings.  CZ 452L fits CZ 452 .22LR and .17 Mach 2. Smooth shoe, approx. 3/16" wide. CZ 452M fits CZ 452 .22 Mag. and .17 HMR rifles. CZ 550 fits CZ550 centerfire rifles.

Plus d’information
Trigger Parts Ensemble de détente
Compatibilité CZ 452
Trigger Type Un pallier
Code du Manufacturier 452L
UPC 081950452224
SKU 148227
Marque Timney Triggers
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