501T : REMINGTON TACTICAL TRIGGERS, Rem 700 Tactical (also fits 721 & 722)


Timney Triggers are one of the best investments you can make in your rifle. If your accuracy is suffering due to wide groups, a drop in trigger can help shrink group sizes by almost half. This is done by eliminating the slack and inconsistent break a standard trigger gives you.

Timney Triggers provide you with a smooth, consistent and predictable trigger break. In addition to the consistency provided you can adjust the weight of the trigger pull, typically the default weight is set to 6 Ounces at the factory and this is more than enough for precision work.

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Trigger Parts Ensemble de détente
Compatibilité Remington® Modèle 700™, Remington® Modèle 721™, Remington® Modèle 722™
Trigger Type Un pallier
Code du Manufacturier 501T
UPC 081950501021
SKU 148197
Marque Timney Triggers
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