64744 : ADAPTER, TI-RANT 45


For use in 300 AAC BLK subsonic application

Finally a easy and effective way to attach your Ti-RANT 45 to a 300AAC BLK host! Allows all Ti-RANT 45 variants to be directly threaded to a 5/8-24 barrel for use with subsonic 300 AAC Blackout ammunition ONLY. Replaces the Ti-RANT piston and driving spring to render it appropriate for use on a fixed barrel.  Innovative wave spring design is used to tension the rear cap while assembled to prevent unintended loosening during use.  When installed properly there will be NO gap between the silencer body and the rear cap. Conventional stand-alone fixed barrel spacer is not needed, as this part effectively combines the 5/8-24 piston and fixed barrel spacer into one part.

The 5/8-24 Adapter for Ti-RANT 45/45M is designed for use with SUBSONIC 300 AAC Blackout ammunition ONLY.

Made in the USA by AAC - Patent Pending.

Plus d’information
Type de dispositif Adaptateurs
Thread Pitch 5/8"-24
Caliber/Gauge 300 AAC Blackout
Code du Manufacturier 64744
UPC 847128011101
SKU 164051
Marque Advanced Armament
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