GT-R6004 : Nitrided Rifle Length Gas Tube W/Roll Pin


Precision manufactured from stainless steel extruded tube.
Black Nitrided for enhanced corrosion resistance, heat & erosion resistance over standard un-treated tubes.
Nitrided tubes run cleaner & cooler.
Black tube eliminates light reflection of the part through the handguard.
Comes complete with Gas Tube Roll Pin.
Laser engraved

Black Nitride, Rifle Length Gas Tube GT-R6004

Manufactured in the USA.

Plus d’information
Pièces du système des gaz Tube à gaz
Compatibilité AR15 / M4 / M16
Note Rifle Length
Code du Manufacturier GT-R6004
UPC 784672665612
SKU 162702
Marque Lantac™ USA LLC
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