LRSKEL34TW : 20MOA, Extended Skeletonized 34mm MSR Mount, Black


The Warne Gen 2 SKEL Mount, is a Skeletonized AR one piece scope mount designed to be lightweight and rock solid. The SKEL is the newest addition to the Warne AR scope mount line. It"s lightweight design makes it ideal for anyone who is trying to keep the weight down, while maintaining a rock solid connection between scope and rifle. You should notice a 30% overall weight reduction when compared to similar mounts in it"s class, and the 1/2" tactical cross bolt nuts are designed to be torqued to a nominal 65 in/lb.

  • Warne Scope Mounts LRSKEL1TW
  • Gen 2 Skeletonized One Piece Scope Mount
  • 34mm Tube Diameter Scopes
  • 20 MOA of Elevation Built In
  • Ultra High Height 1.435"
  • Designed for MSR/AR-15 rifles
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum body
  • #8 Torx style fasteners with steel threaded inserts to prevent shipping
  • Cantilever forward design for eye relief
  • 1/2" Tactical nut attachment
  • Distance between rings 3.050"
  • Overall Length 5"
  • Overall Weight 6.7 oz
  • 65 in/lb of torque recommend for tactical nuts
  • Matte Black
Plus d’information
Type de base et de monture Montures
Compatibilité Picatinny
Diamètre intérieur des montures (po.) 34mm
Hauteur de l'anneau Ultra High 1.435"
Code du Manufacturier LRSKEL34TW
UPC 656813106011
SKU 150075
Marque Warne Manufacturing Company
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