MA-5720 : LUMA Metal Safety Lever for Tavor - Slim


(LUMA safeties work on both the Tavor and the X95 Tavor)

A metal safety is better, and the only thing better than a metal safety is a PAIR of metal safeties! Now available for the IWI Tavor, the LUMA safety (Lever, Upgraded Metal Ambidextrous) is a direct drop in metal safety upgrade that will work on both the left and right side of the gun. Made of 6061 aluminum and finished in black anodizing, the LUMA safety is made right here in the USA.

The LUMA safety can be purchased individually, or for a limited introductory offer can be purchased as a pair at additional cost savings! We recommend going with a MEDIUM safety on the firing thumb side and a SLIM safety on the offhand side, but you can order any combination you want.

LUMA SLIM - a low profile version that keeps out of the way and won"t irritate or rub your hand while in the "FIRE" position as the original polymer safety has been known to do, but that still allows for easy manipulation of the safety. Perfect for the offhand safety.

PLEASE NOTE: The LUMA safety levers may be a little snug on installation, especially on the left side of the rifle. This is intentional to prevent slop and looseness of the safety when it is installed. The best way to install is to use a drop of oil in the keyway on the back of the LUMA safety, and start it on the lug by "angling in" and wiggling a bit- once started it becomes easier to slide on, we promise!

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