SI-JellyFish-RMR : Removable Transparent JellyFish Cover for Trijicon RMR

Protect your optics from inclement weather and damage during storage and travel by outfitting them with this Strike Industries Removable Transparent Jellyfish Cover for Trijicon RMR. Strike Industries crafted these Red Dot Sight Accessories with a rigid yet flexible construction that's incredibly durable and easy to slip on and off. The Strike Industries Transparent Jellyfish Cover for Trijicon RMR Sights contains an integrated lanyard hole that attaches to your sight, belt, or holster for quick draw removal. You can also use the finger grip at the rear to easily flip off the protection. Preserve the quality and finish of your sights by using the Strike Industries Transparent Jellyfish Cover for Trijicon RMR Sights. Please note that this cover will NOT fit on dual-illuminated type models. Also, this cover will NOT properly fit your optic if rear sights are installed. You will need to modify the Jellyfish to use rear sights.
  • Transparent all weather red dot cover
  • Finger grip for quick removal
  • Rigid yet flexible construction
  • Field tested for effectiveness
  • Hole to attach lanyard for quick detachment when holstered
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Code du Manufacturier JellyFish-RMR
UPC 700371179786
SKU 201349
Marque Strike Industries
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