TS-025 : Trigger Scale 1-25lbs, Trigger Tension Scale


The Timney Armorers Trigger Pull Gage features measurements in Kilograms and Pounds. The Kilogram side measures from 0.0kg to 11.34kg in .1125kg increments. The Pound side measures from 0lbs to 25lbs in .25lb increments. For use, insert trigger pull gage finger in front of the trigger and pull on the rear handle of the gage. As more pressure is exerted against the trigger pull finger, the sliding indicator will move towards the heavier side of the scale; once the disconnector disengages the sear the sliding indicator will remain at the point at which the highest amount of pressure was exerted on the trigger finger. The sliding indicator will then indicate the trigger pull weight.

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Code du Manufacturier TS-025
UPC 081950991440
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Marque Timney Triggers
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