63503 : CMC Remington 700 Ultra Precision Flat Bow Adjustable Trigger



Obsessed with safety and compelled to apply it, CMC developed their patent-pending Over Center Dynamic Locking System (O.C.D. Locking System) ™.  Analysis of existing OEM and aftermarket Fire Control Systems for the Remington 700 platform exposed multiple opportunities to significantly increase the margin of safety provided by the Fire Control Systems safety mechanism, such as:

Interdependency of trigger pull weight, pre/over travel adjustments, and safety margin
Unnecessary complexity of the Fire Control System’s safety mechanism design
Safety mechanism components manufactured using inferior materials and methods
Safety mechanism acts only on sear
CMC Triggers developed their O. C. D. Locking System™ to overcome all these safety issues.

Safety mechanism independent of pull weight adjustment, pre/over travel adjustment
Safety comprised of a single internal precision S7 Tool steel investment cast component
Manufactured to a .001" total tolerance using state of the art manufacturing processes
Renders all Fire Control System components immobile
Arguably the safest R700 trigger on the market, the CMC Remington Trigger is an integrated, self-contained trigger assembly with no loose components, and is easily installed requiring no special tools. The CMC Remington Trigger has an adjustable pull weight for long-range precision, tactical use, and hunting. No removal or disassembly of the trigger is required to adjust the weight from 8oz to 3.5lbs. The trigger will come factory set at 2.5lbs.

For ease of trigger installation, the integrated bolt release catch is pre-installed. The trigger and internal components are manufactured from superior S7 tool steel, coated with a proprietary blend of advanced PVD and Hexagonal boron nitride coating giving ultimate corrosion wear-resistance and an ultra-low friction coefficient.


  • Integrated self-contained design
  • Easy to Install
  • Zero Over Travel & Zero Creep
  • O. C. D. Locking System™
  • Adjustable trigger weight by user whilst installed in rifle
  • Adjustability Range is 8oz – 3.5lbs – comes factory at 2.5lbs
  • Made from 7070 T6 Aluminum and S7 Tool Steel
  • CMC Triggers Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA in the Great State of Texas
  • Patent Pending O.C.D. Locking System™
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Compatibility Remington® Model 700™
Trigger Type Single Stage
Manufacturer Number 63503
UPC 810943030930
SKU 192710
Brand CMC Triggers
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