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  1. $5.21

    For use with CO2 and pneumatic pump guns.

    Pellgun oil prevents your airguns from rusting and the seals from drying out. See operating instructions in your manual before using.

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  2. 0401 : Firepow'r Kit 4 spare clips for Models 760, 66, M4-177, Recruit

    The Firepow'r kit includes four 5 shot pellet clips for Crosman 760 Pumpmaster, Recruit, 66 Powermaster, 7781 and M4-177 air rifles.

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  3. $9.01

    Pre-load these three 12-shot clips for virtually uninterrupted shooting with the Crosman 1077.

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  4. $7.30

    Essential for safety. Adult size. High impact plastic lens. Meets ANSI Z87. 1-2003 National Safety Standards.

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  5. $18.71

    More clips means more shooting! Load up on BBs with these extra clips for your C11, P10 and T11 Air Pistols. Two per pack. NOT FOR AIRSOFT. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH C21, C31 OR C41.

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  6. $11.31

    3 spare clips for the 1088, 1008, and T4 series of pistols. Holds BBs or Pellets.

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  7. 0496PDQ : Varmint Targets PDQ 9.75" x 9" Full Color Paper Targers (20 Count)  in PDQ

    9.75" x9" full color paper targets. Each displays a varmint with three targets. Compatible with the Crosman Target Trap. Five each of four designs for a total of 20 per pack.

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  8. $9.39

    Soft Interior lining, Velcro closure, Velcro attachable and fully adjustable belt keeper. Layered composite materials to maintain great shape during any field operations. Holds up to 500 pellets.

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  9. 0853 : Collapsible Pellet Trap

    Easily take your target with you with the Crosman Collapsible Pellet Trap. Sets up easily and quickly and features triple layered curtains backed by a heavy-gauge galvanized steel plate. Fold it up for storage or transport.

    Includes 12 paper targets (2 each of 6 designs)

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  10. $46.86

    This synthetic stock provides an excellent fit for a scope or straight sites. Made from weather resistant polymers it provides a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

    Compatible with the following products: 2250, 2240, 2300, BP2220, 1377C, 1322, PC77, 2300KT and 2400KT

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  11. $9.39

    Three Spare clips for the Vigilante Revolver (Model CCP8B2) & 357 pistol (Model 3576W). Holds ten .177 caliber pellets.

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  12. $22.49

    Provides 3/8" dovetail fitting for the 2250B, 2260, 2240, 1377C, 1322C and PC77. The intermount provides the ability to mount optics with dovetail rings.

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  13. 71599 : Class 2 Red Laser ,Compact, low profile. Integrated Picatinny Mount

    Crosman Laser Designator

    Class II red laser sight
    Compact, low profile
    Pistol mountable
    Projects red beam for fast and accurate target acquisition
    Integrated Picatinny mount
    Fully adjustable windage and elevation
    Attaches quickly and easily with tool-free cam lock
    Rear Toggle on-off switch for easy activation
    Ultra long battery life with CR123 battery (included)

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  14. 74252 : CenterPoint® Compact Red Laser
    • Rated at 100 yards of visibility at night and 25 yards in daylight
    • Adjustable for windage and elevation
    • Includes both Dovetail and Picatinny mounts
    • Includes tactical, momentary on/off pressure switch
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  15. 80009 : Forceflex® Predator Mask, Goggles & Reversible Lightweight Neoprene Mask

    Face and Head Protection System

    • ForceFlex Goggles
      • Superior ballistic resistance, specifically for airsoft
      • Max-Flow venting system improves comfort during use and reduces fogging
      • Ergonomic, flexible design comfortably forms to your face
    • Half Mask – Predator Design
      • Reversible, lightweight neoprene mask designed for easy breathing
      • Shields nose, chin and cheeks   
      • Flexible design allows for cheek weld
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  16. $64.43

    Stay in the game with the 00000Tactical Harness from Crosman Elite Airsoft. Featuring eight ventilated pockets for stashing airsoft magazines, radio, bottled water and just about anything else you carry to the field.  Plus two internal, deep pockets with zippers for the items you can't afford to lose.

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  17. $973.26

    Évalué à 4500 PSI et construit en fibre de carbone pour réduire le poids. Inclus un connecteur en acier inoxydable, un tuyau de 12", des molettes offrant une bonne poigne pour un remplissage contrôlé, une jauge de pression et une soupape de curage.

    Avec un poids inférieur à 5 lbs avec une longueur de 15" et un diamètre de 4", ce réservoir est idéal pour une journée de tir.

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  18. 81001-R : Charging System Cylinder - Retail DOT Certified Provides 7-25 Fills, Portable 5 lb

    Rated for 4500psi and constructed with carbon fiber to reduce weight. Includes a stainless steel fill connection, 12" microbore hose, grippy hand wheel for controlled filling, built-in pressure gauge and bleed valve.

    At under five pounds and 15" in length with a 4" diameter, this tank fits nicely in a pack for a day in the field.

    Capacity is 90 cu in (14.72 cubic feet). Expect the following number of fills (your results may vary):

    Marauder Pistol (Model #BP2220) - 34 fills (refill @ 2000psi)
    Discovery Rifle (Model #BP1K77GP) - 28 fills(refill @ 1000psi)
    Marauder Rifle (Model #BGP1763) - 10 fills(refill @ 2000psi)
    Challenger Competition Rifle (Models #CH2009 and #CH2009S) - 27 fills (refill @ 1000psi)
    Bulldog Rifle (Model #BPBD3S) - 8 fills (refill @ 2000psi)
    Pioneer Airbow (Model #BPBD3S) - 8 fills (refill @ 2000psi)

    For other airguns, please refer to the PCP Fill Calculator.

    DOT certified. PCP Tank Explanation

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  19. 89405 : Remington 1911RAC magazine

    Remington 1911 RAC pistol magazine
    Holds 18 .177 cal steel BBs

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  20. $28.10

    The Auto Reset Target system automatically resets when the left target is hit. The removable, mesh trap catches BBs for easy clean up, and consists of a plastic frame with metal support rods. No batteries are required for this target system, and it is equipped with sets of plastic targets. Paper targets can also be attached to the front of the trap.

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  21. B272 : Benjamin® 4-Piece Intermount

    This 4-Piece intermount readies your Benjamin and Sheridan air rifles and air pistols (current production) for sighting devices.

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  22. BPC4500 : Benjamin Traveler 
Compressor, 4500PSI Portable


    Light Weight, Small size and Portable
    Max fill 4500 psi
    For Airgun/Paintball Cylinders only (less than 0.6L)
    Runs off 12 Volt battery (Car, Lawn Mower)
    Automatic Pressure shutoff- stops at set pressure
    Automatic shut off after 25 minutes of continuous runtime
    Temperature Protection
    Low Voltage Battery Protection


    Converter for 110V
    Inline Oil/Water separator adapter


    Fills a Discovery/ Maximus 0 - 2,000psi in 3mins 25 seconds
    Fills a Armada/Marauder 0 - 3,000psi in 8 mins
    Fills a Armada/Marauder 2000-3000psi in 3 mins via Car battery
    Fills a Armada/Marauder 0 -3000psi in 8 mins via Riding Lawn Mower battery

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  23. BSSRC : Benjamin Rifle Case - Soft sided case featuring loads of storage space and molle webbing.

    Carry your Benjamin in style with this soft side case featuring loads of storage space and molle webbing.

    The double-zippered outer pocket is 13" tall and 28" wide. The case is 48" long, 15" tall and has three rows of molle webbing for nearly the full length on front and back sides. It has a handy hanging loop for storing it out the way when not in use.

    A removable, padded carry sling and embroidered padded carry handle may make it your favorite carry case.

    * Please note that this bag is not designed to fit Benjamin Trail XL air rifles.

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  24. $18.37

    Copperhead Powerlet 12 grams CO2 cartridges provide you with a snug fit and solid seal for a reliable, consistent performance with almost any gas-powered gun. 15-count package.

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  25. $15.56

    Two refillable magazine-style loaders with three ways to pour. Each holds over 1,000 BBs (not included). Fits in any M4 mag pouch for easy ammo access.

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  26. $24.67

    8" x 8" High density foam block traps pellets and BBs. Each side depicts one of the Crosman Varmint Targets. Easy to use indoors or out. For use only with airguns shooting less than 700 fps.

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  27. CCRS : Competition Off-Hand Stand Deluxe Aluminum Rifle Stand Expands from 27" to 62" High
    • Folding tripod base
    • Collapsible rod with locking clamps
    • Extends from 27” to 62”
    • Includes rifle rest, pellet tray and carrying case
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  28. CCSSS : Competition Spotting Scope Stand Deluxe Aluminum Tripod Scope Stand with Swivel Head
    • Folding tripod base
    • Extension rods
    • Carry ball
    • Sliding crossbar
    • Swivel head
    • Carrying case included
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  29. CP0427CF : CenterPoint® Compact Red Laser Sight

    High quality all metal construction laser sight Class IIIa supplied with :

    • Fast visual target acquisition with bright red laser
    • Versatile withweaver style Picatinny 20mm rail mount or 11mm dovetail mount
    • Compact design to fit almost any weapon system
    • Easy to use with push button on/off and cable with remote tape switch
    • Fit most airguns and .22 rimfire rifles
    • Batteries - 2 x LR44 (Supplied) 
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  30. CPLBS1745 : CenterPoint® All-In-One Laser Boresighter

    Quick and easy scope and sight alignment tool.Rated at 100 yds. of visibility at night and 25 yds. in daylight.

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  31. $6.33

    The Undead Apocalypse is coming, make your last stand with these 9.75" x 9" paper targets with five each of four different Zombie designs for a total of 20 targets per package.

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  32. CRVLBUL6P : Revolver Bullet (4.5mm) 6pk Cartridge for Revolver

    Six pack of BB cartridges for SNR357 dual ammo revolver. Also works for Remington RR1875 BB/pellet revolver and CRVL357B and CRVL357S BB revolvers.

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  33. CRVLPEL6P : Revolver Bullet (.177 Pellet) 6pk Cartridge for Revolver Bullet

    Six pack of pellet cartridges for SNR357 BB/pellet revolver. Also works for Remington RR1875 BB/pellet revolver and CRVL357B and CRVL357S BB revolvers (Pellets not included).

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  34. CS2LT : Crosman Logo Dual Spinning Targets Portable All Metal - 2 Targets

    2 pack of all-metal spinning targets.

    Two separate targets for engagement at different distances or locations

    Includes extra set of stickers.

    For use with .177 and .22 caliber lead pellets only

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  35. CSLT : Crosman Logo Spinning Target Portable All Metal - 2 Target Sozes 6mm

    Get more gratification from this all-metal spinning target system than a full Saturday of watching cartoons. With two target sizes you’ll run out of ammo before you ever get bored. An extra set of target decals are include and because it’s easily moveable, it’s infinitely rangeable.

    When t’s time to go to grandpa’s house, this target folds up for easy peasy portability.

    Get off the sofa and TAKE IT OUTSIDE!

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  36. CSRT : Squirrel Resetting Target-Two reactive disc targets reset when practicing Squirrel kill shots

    Keep your skills in tip top shape with this resetting target resembling the bane of all birdfeeders, the squirrel. Keep the furry rodents at bay by practicing with this replica target with a 1.5" kill zone and a 2" resetting target.

    The heavy duty steel construction is designed for .177 caliber up to 1200 fps and .22 caliber up to 950 fps (air guns only). Not for use with BBs. Squirrel silhouette measure 8" tall. With stake, target is total of 18" tall.

    Enjoy practicing with no strings to pull or need to go downrange.

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  37. FAH001 : Benjamin® CO2 Fill Adapter w/8" Hose

    A simple and easy way to fill your Discovery series rifle with CO2 This CO2 only fill adaptor is made exclusively for the Discovery series rifles. It consists of a C GA -320 fitting with a .825-1 4 thread, a braided stainless steel 8" hose and a female Foster fitting. This adaptor is made for use with current CO2 paintball tanks. For compressed air or Dual Fuel charging use the FAH002 adaptor.

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  38. $224.14

    This easy to use Scuba Yoke Adapter allows for scuba tank filling of Benjamin PCP air rifles. Please consult the owner's manual before use.

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  39. $224.14

    This easy to use Scuba Yoke Adapter allows for scuba tank filling of Benjamin PCP air rifles. Please consult the owner's manual before use.

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