20861 : RW12HMH6 12GA 3" 1-5/8 OZ PB #6

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12 Gauge, Remington Wingmaster HD, 3", #6 High Density Non Toxic Shot, 1 5/8 Ounce, 5 Round Box.

This hard hitter stretches the kill zone with an ultra tuned combination of density, shape and energy. At 12.0 grams/cc, its 10% denser than lead and the scientifically proven optimum density for pellet count and pattern density. Plus, its smooth, round shape delivers awesome aerodynamics and sustained payload energy. It all adds up to the most devastating patterns possible.

Wingmaster HD is also 16% softer than Premier Hevi-Shot, which makes it easier on your barrel. And its more responsive to chokes, allowing you to open up the pattern for close range hunting or stretch shotgun range to its farthest reaches.

Absolutely no shotshell on the market can touch Wingmaster HD at long range. All of its revolutionary characteristics; optimized density, ultra round shape and consistent size come together on game with an unmatched level of deadly force. Fact is, it penetrates 40% deeper than Premier Hevi-Shot at long range and will put 60% of its pellets in a 30 circle at 60 yards. Waterfowl, turkey and varmints who think they know harms reach have another thing coming. Approved for waterfowl hunting by the USF&W and Canada.

  • Muzzle velocity: 1225 fps.
  • Uses: Ducks, Turkey.
  • 5 rounds per box
Plus d’information
Calibre 12ga
Munition pour fusils Wingmaster HD™
Shell Length 3"
Units Per Box 5
Index RW12HMH6
Code du Manufacturier 20861
UPC 047700501901
SKU 120070
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