4333-BK : Ergo Grip® A2 Pistol Grip Plug - Black

6,47 $
ERGO Grip AR grip plug for AR Standard series ERGO grips.
  • Covers the bottom hole of an AR Grip
  • Friction fit prevents debris from being lodged in the grip cavity
  • functions as a shock absorbing pad
  • Protects the grip when setting the rifle down
  • Virtually impervious to oils and solvents used on firearms.

ONLY fits ERGO AR Standard series grips.

Plus d’information
Type de poignées Rangement et bouchon de poignée
Compatibilité AR10, AR15 / M4 / M16
Couleur Noir
Note ONLY fits ERGO AR Standard series grips
Code du Manufacturier 4333-BK
UPC 119946
SKU 119946
Marque ERGO® Grips
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