PRO77KT : CO2 Pistols: PRO77 Kit BB BB 325

139,22 $

Realistic weight, power and feel in a compact semi-automatic blowback air pistol. Squeeze the trigger and put 17 BBs downrange at 325 feet per second as quickly and accurately as you can.  Fully functioning slide re-cocks the hammer with each pull of the trigger. The under barrel weaver style rail will accept most tactical accessories or use the fixed blade and notch sights to zero in on your target. Accepts the 12 gram CO2 Powerlet.

This complete kit includes the PRO77 pistol, 350Premium Copperhead BBs, two Powerlet CO2 cartridges and adult shooting glasses.

Plus d’information
Power Source CO2
Calibre .177
Code du Manufacturier PRO77KT
UPC 028478127906
SKU 112100
Marque Crosman®
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