TAAPS-VELCRO : T.A.A.P.S Tactical Add A Patch System Velcro - Black

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Phase 5™ and Steve Aryan introduce the Tactical Add a Patch System (T.A.A.P.S)™ featuring a detachable velcro panel that fixes to MOLLE or ALICE via snaps or Velcro. This panel may be used for patches, labels, nametags, badges, IR flags or other miscellaneous recognition devices. The T.A.A.P.S™ may also be fixed to duty belts or backpack straps.

Patches not included, sold separately.


  • Heavy duty double-stitched elastic band - Rugged design for improved durability even under extreme conditions
  • Dual-sided Velcro pads -Conveniently designed for easy, secure installation
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Note Patches not included, sold separately.
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Marque Phase 5 Weapon Systems, Inc
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