20713 : 12B009HD SP 12 BK-00 9 PELLETS 2

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Ultimate Defense Buckshot 5-Round Pack

These rounds deliver dense, devastating patterns and massive knockdown power when the stakes are at their highest. Short-range patterns in smoothbore barrels are tight and effective for one-shot confidence. Our NEW 12-gauge loads include standard 9-pellets and managed recoil 8-pellets of 00 buckshot to maximum shotgun effectiveness.

Ultimate Defense Combo Pack

Two of the most tested and trusted payloads in home defense, together in one convenient package. For serious stopping power, Ultimate Defense 45 Colt features a 230-grain BJHP-style bullet, while the 410 load offers 4 pellets of 000 buckshot to deliver ultra-tight patterns and one-shot confidence. For the ultimate in close range assurance when it matters most, each feeds seamlessly through your combination handgun

  • Index/EDI No.: 12B009HD
  • Gauge or Bore: 12ga
  • Average Wt/Ca: 10
  • Rounds per Box: 5
  • UPC Box 047700: 51980 7
  • Boxes per Case: 20
  • UPC Case 047700: 51985 2
Plus d’information
Calibre 12ga
Munition pour fusils HD Ultimate Home Defense Shotshell Loads
Shell Length 2" 3/4
Units Per Box 5
Index 12B009HD
Code du Manufacturier 20713
UPC 047700519807
SKU 155229
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